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Code conventions in DDraceNetwork

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This is the part 2 of my series of articles about coding in DDraceNetwork, you can find the previous one here.

What are coding conventions?

They are a set of rules that dictate how the code should be written, so that the code style is consistent among the codebase.

DDNet naming conventions

Note: There is an ongoing discussion about variable naming, find out more here.

Currently, this is how we name things:

Classes and structs

They are prefixed with C and followed by a capital letter, like CController, if the class is meant to be an interface it is prefixed by I.

Enum constants

They must be all screaming snake case like: MAX_PLAYERS.

Variable naming

The name is divided in 3 parts: qualifier, prefix and name.

Common qualifiers: m for member variables, s for static variables.

There is also g for global variables with external linkage.

If, the qualifier is not empty it is followed by an underscore.

Example: ms_YourVariable.

There are 2 common type prefixes: p for pointers, a for arrays and fn for functions, note that you can stack the prefixes for example in the case of a pointer to a pointer.

Example: pMyPointer, aBuf, ppArgs, m_pCharacter, m_pfnMyCallback, m_papfnMyPointerToArrayOfCallbacks

The first letter of the variable must be uppercase.

Common idioms.

The following snippet is very common in ddnet code:

char aBuf[128];
str_format(aBuf, sizeof(aBuf), "number: %d", 2);

This is how we format strings, and it's used everywhere (str_format is defined in system.h).

I will add more here when I find/remember more.

More to come

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